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 Water Poles

waterfed poleWe're taking window cleaning to new heights with the use of pure water technology. If your home or commercial building is two to six stories tall this can present window cleaning challenges. A squeegee on a pole is limited in it's effectiveness, ladders can be dangerous and take forever, lifts can be expensive and devastating to surrounding green space, decent methods aren't always cost effective for buildings of this height and many roofs won't accommodate the equipment.

All of these challenges can be met with deionized or "pure water"!
Why pure water? It's not the water that leaves spots and residue on the glass it's the particles in the water. With portable on site filters we remove these particles from the water. How does this clean windows? using water-fed poles (up to sixty feet tall) we soak and scrub away the dirt and grime. Next we rinse them crystal clean with deionized water.
What are the advantages? For our safety and your piece of mind we never have to leave the ground. The equipment is compact and makes virtually no noise. the only things around your landscaping are our feet and a small hose.
With no chemicals involved there is nothing to stain your building or harm your plants or grass. and last but not least it's the most cost effective method. 

Pressure Wash
Water Fed Poles
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 "Andre did a terrific job on my windows inside and out, and power washing my home. The weather was horrible, but he stayed late to finish the project and things look great. He was quick to respond and get the job quoted and scheduled and then went the extra mile to make certain the work was done well. I would recommend Bay Windows to friends, family and colleagues.

by S.C. at Service Magic 
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